Pious Hideaways merges our philosophy of contemporary architecture, green landscapes and a warm community environment to make for comfortable, mindful living. Spacious 3 bedroom and 3 bedroom plus study apartments along with sports and fitness, entertainment and eco- friendly facilities, as well as a two-tier security within the gated community makes for a luxury residential experience that fulfills your requisites at the personal, social and community level.


Long and Paid Holidays

As an officer you enjoy a long holiday like 3 on & 3 off or 4 on & 2 off etc. The officer can make his contracts as per his requirement & mutual understanding with the shipping company. Moreover, many companies even pay you the salary when you are on holiday at your home (It isn't it exciting).


Free Family carrying Facility / Lodging & Boarding.

Most of the companies provide the facility to the senior officers to take their families along with them on the ship at company expense (Free). Moreover, on the ship, you get Free Lodging/Boarding & many other free benefits like medical/insurance, etc.


Work as long as others do/shore job.

You can work till the age of 55-60 years (as per your capability) and after that can avail of many opportunities on land. Today there are plenty of jobs available for the officers on the land after sailing Experience. They can work in shipping offices, Institutes, etc.