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Rules And Regulations

These Standing Rules and Regulations of the Academy shall be binding on all trainees. These may be amended without prior intimation to the trainees :-

  1. Admission for any course will be given through Written Test & interview, depending upon the infrastructure and availability of seat.
  2. Duration mentioned for any course is for contact/training hours only.
  3. Eligibility criteria & duration of course, course content and course structure are suitable to change based upon policies of respective society/ institute/ Degree awarding authorities without any prior notice because up-dation of syllabus is an integral part of curriculum.
  4. Admission form without fee will be rejected.
  5. Student will have to follow the rules & regulations, in the institute as well as in the hostel, as laid down by the management from time to time (copy of the same can be obtained from administration)
  6. Decision of management regarding admission, course, conduct and discipline will be last & final and will be legally binding to all students, parents & guardians. Any dispute if arises, will be subjected to Allahabad jurisdiction only.
  7. If a student drops out the course at any stage, he/she will have to pay the total fee for that training programme.


  1. Student admitted to the college will be governed by the rules & regulation of the institute as laid down from time to time.
  2. Students are responsible to the Head (Academics) of the institute for their conduct in the college and in public places.
  3. Each student will have to obtain an identity card duty signed by the Head (Academics) of the college at the beginning of each semester. The identity card is to be displayed on person and must be presented whenever demanded by any faculty or staff of the college.
  4. Student shall wear uniform as specified. Uniform is to be worn at all times during training..
  5. Smoking, chewing of tobacco, gutka and other such items is strictly prohibited in the institute and hostel premises. Defaulters will be dealt with severely.
  1. Student shall be punctual and regular in attendance.
  2. All important instruction, notices will be displayed on the notice boards of the college, which should be ready by the student, failure to read notices will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance of college.
  3. If any damage is caused to the property of the College, it will be made good by the trainees, the expenses of the same being shared equally by all trainees.Students shall pay for repairs/ replacement of the college property damaged or lost due to their carelessness.
  4. Any change of address/telephone/mobile number, must be informed in writing to the college office.
  5. Student shall behave in an orderly, disciplined and decent manner in the college campus, hostel premises and public places.
  6. Student shall not indulge in any anti-national, anti-government, or anti-social activity, which will disturb the peace and harmony of the society. If a student is found to be involved in such activity, he/she will be immediately expelled from the college under intimation to his parents.
  7. In all matters pertaining to the college and student, the decision of the Director shall be final and shall be binding on the students.
  8. Gold ornaments or other valuable items or any kind of electrical appliances are not allowed to be kept in the trainees’ possession. Use of mobile phone is not permitted.
  9. Each student shall be responsible for safeguarding his/her personal belonging/valuables in the hostel and in the campus. The college will not be responsible for loose or damage caused.
  10. Hostel allotment will be done by the college on “First Come First Serve” basis. Requests for shifting from one hostel to another will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  11. Ragging in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be rusticated and handed over to law & order enforcement authorities.
  12. Students have to appear for class Test Series, Mid-Term Exams, and preliminary Exams. Absenteeism will attract fine at the discretion of Management.
  13. The admission of the student shall be deemed to be cancelled if he remains absent for 15 or more days without prior permission from the college. In such cases, the students name will be struck of the roll, in case he wishes to continue his studies, admission fees will have to be paid again.
  14. In the event a trainee has to leave the course due to his own fault or due to any other reason whatsoever, no refund will be given for any monies already paid to the College.
  1. The original certificates/documents will remain with the college till completion of the course or till the withdrawal formalities have been completed.
  2. Management holds the right to amend the rules from time to time and the same will be applicable to all the students .ignorance of the rules does not absolve the students from their liabilities.
  3. Fees must paid by the due date mentioned in the prospectus and intimated through notices, It is the responsibility of the student/parents to ensure that fees are paid in time.
  4. All students must be follow all rules & regulations . Defaulters will be struck-off the roll of the institute and will have to vacate the hostel.
  5. These Standing Rules and Regulations of the Academy shall be binding on all trainees. These may be amended without prior intimation to the trainees.
  6. Trainees are permitted “Liberty” on Sundays between 0900 and 1900 hours.
  7. Trainees are not permitted to stay out of the campus overnight under any circumstances. Parents are requested not to make any request for the same.
  8. Visitors are permitted only on Sundays, between 1000 and 1800 hours.
  9. Long hair, moustaches and beards are not permitted during the period of training. Sikh candidates are exempted from this.
  10. The training should not be affected by personal and religious practices of the trainees, who are free to exercise the same during their free time only.
  11. Discipline is one of the topmost priorities in training. It may be noted that any cases of indiscipline will be dealt with very strictly and the decision of the Principal (Head of College) will be final and binding.
  12. Fees once paid are not refundable or transferable for any reason under any Circumstances.
  13. If the behavior of the student is found detrimental to the smooth functioning of the college and the hostel, he will be dismissed / removed from the college and the debarred students will not be re-admitted.
  14. Students are expected to maintain strict discipline in the College / Hostel Campus /Outside during training period. If any student found violating this rules, he will be dismissed from the College and no fee will be refunded.
  15. College is not responsible for any kind of Accident / Death / Physical Injuries when they are doing practical training in the College or any other place of Training outside the College such as swimming pool, Boating etc.., Also College, Instructors, Management is not responsible for any compensation for any incident / accident, Refund of the course fee will not be given.
  16. In case of any dispute, the Director’s / Management’s discretion and decision will be final and binding on the students who are expected to abide by rules and regulations strictly.
  17. If any person is found guilty of producing false certificates, he shall be debarred from the College.